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Seacoast Immigration Solutions is an Immigration Consultancy firm with experienced and licensed consultants. We are proud to serve aspiring immigrants from various walks of life with high quality immigration consultancy services. To achieve our objective of fulfilling the dreams of our clients to move and get settled in Canada, we have a proactive and dedicated team of professionals at our consultation offices in India and Canada.
The scope of our immigration services in Canada covers all areas of immigration programs: Canadian Citizenship, Permanent Residence, Temporary Resident Visa, Work Permit, Student Visa, Express Entry, Business and Investor’s program, Start-up Visa Immigration etc.

We would be happy to help you achieve your dream and be your guide in this transition. Open the whole new world of opportunities with our
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I appreciate the skills and expertise you guys hold at Seacoast Immigration. I would say Seacoast Immigration is the best choice if you are planning to migrate to Canada.

Jyoti M Menon

Why Seacoast Immigration ?

Our team works relentlessly not only to help you navigate through the intricate process of immigration but also to maintain your peace by being available for you throughout this journey. The unparalleled commitment and involvement of our team in each case we process, is something that sets us aside from others.

We strive to go above & beyond our reach to help our clients in the best of our capacity.We have always been very generous in extending services as we understand that it is a big transition and can make people anxious. For this reason, we offer to: facilitate the departure, arrival, settlement, account opening, and guidance to get documents such as SIN etc., to make this shift as smooth as possible for them.

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